Training and Consultancy

We provide training services and consulting in the metallurgical field  for your company with a specialized staff also has work experience, which results in that the training is complete.

We help you to identify your training needs and we will design a plan to meet them and help the company to increase and develop the potential of its human resources. Our training services are offered in the company as well as outside it.

We support companies by providing advisory services, thereby seeking to further growth and development.

Areas of  support are: Heat Treatments, Non Destructive Testing and Materials Handling.


Development of quality system meeting the requirements CQI-9

Troubleshooting Induction processes, carburizing, hardening, tempering, annealing and nitrided




Metallurgy for non Metallurgists: A dynamic, different and personalized course designed according to the needs of your company.

Heat Treatments Course

Metallography Course

None Destructive Test Course


Specialized training at different levels (Operational, Technical and Engineering)


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